Experience in Unstable Areas


XylemSec assists Companies, governments and organisations operating in complex environments, by assessing and reducing risk through measured analysis and processes. Our approach is focused to capacity build at the senior decision-making level, to enable clients to understand their critical risks, identify priorities, and make informed choices about where to invest resources to manage and reduce those risks.

XylemSec' s long experience in unstable and volatile parts of the world provides us with a unique capability to support our clients at a strategic level in these environments.

XylemSec offers highly professional close protection services to ensure the personal security of diplomats, business people and VIP’s in a range of environments.

XylemSec will provide clients with a well qualified and experienced protection team. All of our close protection officers are trained to the highest level in a wide variety of tactical, protective and security related subjects including first aid, protocol and counter-surveillance. Most bodyguards come from an ex-military or police background and all have specialised in the field of close protection.

We recognise that each client has specific needs and desires, which are assessed and addressed individually. Solutions are then planned and tailored to meet the most rigorous demands.

XylemSec provides bespoke solutions to protect valuable assets such as property, buildings, aircraft and yachts. Our consultants can liaise and formulate a plan to provide a complete package of technical and physical solutions tailored to the specific requirements. Threat and risks can be significantly reduced by correct implementation of a risk assessment and practical security plan to ensure the safety and security of your assets and personnel.



Maritime & Industrial Plant Security


Maritime Security has become an important requirement for merchant’s vessels over the last decade due to the increased threats from pirates across the world. Though the maritime industry witnessed a decline in pirate activities, including that of Somali Pirates, in last few years, new threats are reportedly on the rise now in other parts of the word. Latest reports suggest a steady increase in the reported incidents of piracy and regions such as the Gulf of Guinea accounts for a high percentage of the incidents.

Increasing shipping piracy threats have resulted in huge losses for the shipping companies, forcing them to find new methods to battle the piracy. In order to tackle this problem successfully, many security companies have started to provide maritime security services, which are custom made for the present modern piracy at sea. In the recent past, several countries across the world have introduced legislation and rules to help the shipping companies to place armed guards on board the vessels to safeguard the ships from the acts of piracy. The new rules allow the vessels to seek the help of Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) that are capable of providing qualified security personals to keep the ship, crew and cargo safe. Across the world, there are many such maritime security companies which command a unique respect for the stellar security services they offer. 


Project Security Management


An organization can either incorporate security guidance into its general project management processes or react to security failures. It is increasingly difficult to respond to new threats by simply adding new security controls. Security control is no longer centralized at the perimeter. Meeting security requirements now depends on the coordinated actions of multiple security devices, applications and supporting infrastructure, end users, and system operations. Reengineering a system to incorporate security is the most effective action.



Travel Security


People want to travel on transport networks that are protected, secure and reliable. XylemSec works with the transport industry, government bodies and international organisations to maximise security and minimise the risk of disruption. XylemSec’s specialists can advise on and oversee implementation of thorough security plans for transport hubs such as airports, ports and railways.
XylemSec has the specialist capability of providing kidnap prevention and kidnap response services. The key element in this is the deployment of highly qualified, professional and resourceful men and women. These advisers respond to assist during negotiations, and in the design and implementation of loss prevention programmes.

XylemSec also deals with extortion incidents, deploying a member of the global team of consultants to advise and support a client through the wide range of extortion situations.
XylemSec's advisers normally come from a background of a senior position in the diplomatic or military service; and have been specifically trained in negotiation and management procedures during a crisis. They are therefore men of presence and gravitas, which are essential attributes to give confidence and reassurance to clients. They are fluent in the languages of the countries in which they operate, and have great experience from previous incidents, and knowledge of those countries.



Effects Simulation


XylemSec can provide the simulation by finite elements of the of impact of the trouble on your structure.
By finite elements also other situations can be simulated.



Ground Intelligence Activity & Reporting


XylemSec can provide in-depth country reports and analysis, drawing on information from open and closed sources and the network of XylemSec staff on the ground feeding back real time information. Analysts concentrate on countries in which XylemSec has a full-time presence and thorough understanding of the geo-political environment. Reports provide insight into key threats, with practical risk mitigation advice designed to assist client’s decision making. Reports are usually bespoke to each client, and written with the client’s operating profile and objectives in mind.



International Business Relations Representative


We support national governments, foreign militaries and host nation security forces through the provision of personal security details and convoy escort teams for dignitaries, government officials and personnel as well as static security services for government compounds, emergency relief centres, military forward operating bases and other temporary and permanent government facilities around the world.

Through the years XylemSec has provided security services to many overseas governments.



Risk Insurance Consultants


XylemSec has worked extensively in the London insurance market delivering pre-risk consultancy to help develop contingency plans to reduce exposure in the event of a claim and improve communication between the insurer and the insured. This is predominantly where kidnap, extortion, piracy, product contamination, terrorism and special accident policies are in place. Crisis response and mediation services, providing 24-hour support in the event of an incident, particularly in kidnap or production contamination cases where there is a need for rapid deployment, are also provided.



Crisis & Emergency Management


XylemSec has great experience designing crisis management programmes, and in advising during the course of a crisis.

Effective crisis management involves implementing pre-planned and rehearsed procedures in order to provide maximum duty of care to staff involved, and to resume normal operations as quickly as possible with the least possible impact. All contingencies can be planned for, from fire damage to terrorist attack and by having an up to date and validated contingency plan, organisations can minimise the losses caused by a crisis.

The XylemSec crisis planning team works with the client to assess the company’s areas of vulnerability, agree the corporate aims and objectives, identify potential participants and their agendas, prepare and rehearse contingency plans, and allocate resources.

Based on our extensive experience in crisis management, we assist in advising on the best structure of a crisis management team and draw up a comprehensive crisis management plan to deal with the wide range of scenarios. Our perspective is strategic, spanning organizational readiness, prevention, response and recovery, and in this context, we develop detailed incident management plans.


Root Cause Analisys


Most of update informations are directed only at the surface-level problems and policy pains – not the root cause of the issue – and thus the process improvement efforts rarely succeed in the long term. Alternatively, agencies sometimes purchase an expensive software suite or bulky technology implementation to solve a process issue; but without addressing the root cause, these solutions seldom solve the issue at hand.

Instead, XylemSec needs to conduct an in-depth root-cause analysis. A thorough analysis of root causes might make the difference between a sustainable process improvement effort and the return of the same problem all over again. When you address the problem a second time, it typically requires a bigger investment of time and resources.

Identifying the basis of a particular problem often isn’t the most popular approach with senior managers, but a root-cause analysis is critical to ascertaining whether a particular issue requires a Band-Aid approach – or if it requires surgery.

Whether your operational problem is a budgetary issue, a quality problem, a time inefficiency or a new directive to implement, here are five tips and techniques XylemSec applies when conducts the next root-cause analysis at your federal agency:

1. Understand The Fundamental Issue
2. Dig Into Your Data And Numbers
3. Break Down Problems By Cause
4. Analyze The Details Of Your Failures
5. Prioritize Your Pinpointed Problems (And Their Costs)

Need to improve operations at your defense or security office with a limited schedule or budget? 



ISO22301 Business Continuity Certification 


This certification is the world’s first standard for the management of business continuity, and is designed to minimize the disruption to business continuity, whether due to serious malfunctions or minor issues. The standard is designed to maintain business continuity under the most problematic and unforeseen circumstances.

For a company, having a BCM (Business Continuity Management) certificate will increase its stakeholders’ confidence in the company’s ability to ensure operational continuity, by implementing controls based on the BCM best practices, thus covering all processes in their entirety.

It is very important and a plus against other players to grant your Client of supply continuity by considering several issues can happen.