Safety & security

We protect and support our clients around the world
Xylem Risk international

Assists Companies, governments and organisations operating in complex environments

by assessing and reducing risk through measured analysis and processes.

Our approach

is focused to capacity build at the senior decision-making level, to enable clients to understand their critical risks, identify priorities, and make informed choices about where to invest resources to manage and reduce those risks. As long experience in unstable and volatile parts of the world provides us with a unique capability to support our clients at a strategic level in these environments.

Xylem Risk International

offers highly professional close protection services to ensure the personal security of diplomats, business people and VIP’s in a range of environments.
At last, with the job completion, you will be able to obtain a reduction on insurance costs and an effective protection for You, Your Assets, Your Personnel and Your reputation.


  • Analysis and optimization of active and passive defense of industrial / logistic installations;
  • Analysis and possible strengthening of the security procedures related to the local defense of the installations;
  • Threat analysis and organization of movements / transfers in a hostile environment (land air water);
  • Ability to connect with local authorities / realities in hostile territory;
  • High protection capability of sensitive / classified communication contents (nato / un standard);
  • Ability to analyze and discriminate employees / workers, in relation to the qualifications and rankings necessary to operate in the most diverse working contexts (which are unclassified, sensitive or classified);
  • Threat analysis and assessment of risks related to the safety of personnel and installations, based on intelligence capacity (collection and analysis of data and information from the surrounding area);
  • Proven experience in managing relationships with multinational forces in the area;
  • Physical security (protection of personnel, hardware, software, networks and data from physical actions and events that could cause serious loss or damage to an enterprise, agency or institution);
  • Cctv, installation, management, monitoring;
  • Biometric security


  • Seismic analysis of structures stressed by earthquakes of magnitude higher than those of the project;
  • Analysis of potential damage on civil, electrical and mechanical works deriving from natural disasters, accidental culpable or malicious events;
  • Analysis of the fragility of industrial / logistic installations;
  • Study and creation of alternate command and control structures during processing / operations in unsafe environments;
  • Ability to inspect the safety of installations and production processes in the international field (nato, un, u: e. and extra-european standards);
  • Providing consultancy in the creation of new industrial plants, with redundancy criteria, aimed at compensating production anomalies due to problematic / hostile environmental conditions;
  • Battle bamage repair (bdr) assessment capability, designed to create on-site rapid repair capability in a hostile environment;international business relations representative;

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