Our Experience

  1. We Manage total R3 program for all locations and projects in assigned area in line with the requirements of the R3 System Policies, Standards and Procedures. This will include strategic and operational policies, program, procedures, initiatives and systems and business reporting required for the mitigation of security and emergency hazards and operating risks whilst maintaining continuity of operations and safeguarding of assets.
  2. In line with the R3 Framework, we assist responsible parties to develop and maintain risk-appropriate integrated response and recovery plans.
  3. We Provide proposal support to all businesses operating in the assigned region, attending risk workshops and identifying R3 requirements and associated costs.
  4. We work with project teams to ensure all R3 requirements are in place prior to field / site mobilization.
  5. We conduct site security vulnerability assessments and reviews in line with the requirements of the First Aid and Medical Facility Standard, identifying R3 risks and appropriate measures to mitigate them.
  6. We conduct gap analyses on client and contractor standards. As necessary, develop bridging plans to ensure seamless protection and support.
  7. We ensure thorough contractor R3 assessments and conduct evaluations and pre-qualifications as required. Support contractors with developing security and emergency response plans.
  8. We develop appropriate plans for remote travel to client sites, liaising with client security or emergency response departments, to quantify the support I will receive on site. This will include on site medical support and medical evacuation.
  9. In line with the R3 Training & Exercising Procedure, we identify and implement R3 training and exercising needs for all the businesses in the assigned region.
  10. We ensure response and recovery teams equipment and resources are maintained in ready order. We conduct periodic audits and routine tests of all equipment and systems.
  11. We maintain close liaison with and support to location Assurance / HSE Emergency Response staff to ensure seamless emergency response / management fit.
  12. We assist with the implementation of location / project Journey Management programs for all high risk countries and remote projects.
  13. We develop a local network of key contacts including but not limited to country embassies, client/contractor security managers, police for all locations
  14. We monitor and provide early warning and emergency alerts on developing issues and risk scenarios to key business stakeholders in the sub- region.
  15. As necessary provide support and counsel to authorized responders and supporting management for all live incidents occurring in the assigned region, including acting as a team member of appropriate response and recovery teams.
  16. We act 24/7 Emergency Hotline, grant COM systems
  17. Undertake management reporting, other special projects and key assignments directed by the R3 Director of Operations in assigned area, performing Root Cause Analisys (RCA) when/where required.



Oil & Gas, Process Engineering  & Security

XylemSec is the Business Unit of Xylem, a company specialized in providing EPC services.

The competence of XylemSec includes the main operations performed by an EPC company, adapted to sensitive areas.
For this reason XylemSec provides, also in sensitive areas the following activities:

- Operations
- Project direction
- Quality surveillance
- Logistic
- Security (plans and field service) also based criticity highlighted by P&ID, Wiring, Hook Up,
  Material Stocking and other contruction/fabrication documents.

We can work in special situations.
Please meet the XylemSec Director for more references and cases.



Maritime security


    XYLEMSEC has qualified experienced experts in
    Maritime security, including:

  • Protection of seaports and oil ports

  • Security for cargo and tankers fleets

  • Comprehensive security solutions for Oil & Gas platforms, FPSOs

  • Defense dispositions for waterside critical assets

  • We also support shipyards and marine designer firms in implementing ISPS code and in selecting other security systems requested by their customers


Construction Security


   XYLEMSEC has qualified      
   experience in contruction plant security, including:

  • Protection of Oil & Gas sites

  • Security for Camp

  • Comprehensive security solutions

  • Defense dispositions 

  • We also support Project Manager in risk evaluation connected to the moment.